Daily, Madeline

Girly Girl

I had painted Madeline’s toenails pink on Sunday. Well, this morning she was super sad to put on her socks and shoes for daycare, because she didn’t want to cover up her pretty pink toes. So we compromised, she’s wearing her shoes, and I painted her fingernails pink so she can look at them all day.


Daily, Madeline

Cousin Time

Madeline got to spend the day with her cousins today.  She was so excited to have the girls to play with.  Especially her fellow baby doll loving cousin, Edee.


Maddy and Edee taking good care of their babies.



So much fun watching these two play together. Madeline adores her cousins.


I can’t believe how fast these girls are growing up.  I’m so glad I got the chance to spend the day with them.  Maybe next time it won’t be a million degrees outside and we can do something more fun.  We tried to go to the park, but they didn’t last long before they decided they would rather go back to the air conditioned house.  That’s okay.  The little ones played with their baby dolls and colored most of the day and the big girls watched movies and talked. Rose and I baked some cupcakes too.  Love these girls!


Daily, Madeline

Rough Day

Madeline is still sick…

She is currently having a major meltdown that I won’t let her go to the house across the street. Which is insane, considering she has never been to the house across the street. She’s not even talking about the house that has the kids that she talks to.


Now she’s zoned out watching Little Einsteins this morning. Today it is my turn to stay home with Little Bit while she gets over this bug. She is so rarely sick, so it’s so sad to see her not feeling good. I’m hoping one more day at home with lots of cuddles does the trick. My poor girl.


Daily, Madeline

Sick Baby Bear

Baby bear has a fever.  She looks so sad.  I can’t stand seeing her sick.


We took her to the doctor this afternoon and they said she just has a little virus that seems to be going around.  Just lots of rest and lots of fluids and she should be good soon.  They did say that her cough may stick around for up to three weeks.  Ugh.  Miserable.  Poor baby bear.



Just Another Day at the Zoo

A beautiful day calls for a trip to the zoo.

Why, hello there Mr. Polar Bear.


This time we went with our friends Megan and Dan and their little girl, Phoebe.   It was fun for Madeline to have a little friend there with her.


I’ve mentioned before how we find signs of Joshua on significant or special days.  While looking at the New Guinea Singing Dog, Patrick and I spotted this cardinal.  We both just looked at each other, we knew it was our little boy just saying hi. DSC04134

Of course, no trip to the zoo is complete with out a visit to our favorite penguins.  Madeline just smiles, cheers, and does a little happy dance every time she sees them.DSC04136

I just love watching the joy on her face.


Phoebe and Madeline checking out the penguins.DSC04149

They are just so cute.


Patrick got to ride the carousel with Madeline.DSC04154

She spotted me.  I love her little smile.



We let her walk around most of the day.  She was worn out.

DSC04187 DSC04191

They look cute and cuddly, but apparently are some of the fiercest of all the cats. DSC04194 DSC04197 DSC04198 IMG_9333

We bought her a stuffed penguin.  She is in love.  She keeps walking around kissing its head.  IMG_9334